DEKOMTE fabric expansion joints are used to compensate for axial, angular and lateral expansion in pipelines with

superimposed movements also being permissible.

wk_01Due to the good flexibility of DEKOMTE fabric expansion joints, the reaction force

common for metal expansion joints can be ignored during planning.

DEKOMTE fabric expansion joints are always manufactured without asbestos and can

be supplied in any geometry as well as in any dimension required.

Special designs are available for vibrations and oscillations.

The compensating elements are suitable for gaseous media, such as air, flue gas,

exhaust gases and solvent fumes, for operation below the dew point and for abrasive

exhaust gases (e.g. containing coal or cement dust).


- Gas Turbine and CCGT Plants     dekomte 3

- Steel Plants                                         

- Renewable Energy      

- Conventional Fossil Fired Boilers

- Refineries/Chemical Plants 

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