During various production processes, voluminous cardboard boxes as well as papaer and plastic cuttings are produced which have to be collected and disposed of


Integration into a production plant pre-supposes fully automatic functioning of all components.

WELGER bale presses fulfill there requirements.

They consist of a combination of the basic body of the press with various material feeding devices optimized in accordance with the purpose of the use. The

functions of the material feed and compression as well as the binding and ejection of the bales are fully automatic.



- Highly efficient operation due to low cost for tying material, storage, transport and disposal

- Fully automatic working baling press

- Extremely compact baler

- Extremely safe operation

- Low maintenance cost

- Low cost for working staff

- Easy to operate



bulky cardboard boxes (2 or 3 layers), corrugated cardboard boxes, cardboard, flat and frames, paper (trims and endless), maculature,

paper and plastic bags, PP film stripes, PE film, big bags, plastic film stripes, protective film (garment), plastic strapping, PP/PE fibres, isolation and fleece material,

foam material, packaging foam, aluminium film (hop bags), textile cotton wool, bulky solid cardboard, tetrapak


horizontal presses


waste rollers








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