combijet1. CombiJet                          

The sophisticated CombiJet filter solution is a modular system with welded and

screwed construction for diverse applications.(more....)




projet mega22. ProJet MEGA

ProJet MEGA is the solution for modern process filters up to 2.000.000 m3/h. ProJet

MEGA is standardized and based on prefabricated components of modular design. All

units are in an optimal way adjusted. (more...)



prosorp 12 

3. PROSORP - The Sorption Filtration Process

The PROSORP-process from INTENSIV-FILTER is a dry or semi-dry functioning

simultaneous process for the separation of numerous industrially created gaseous

and solid harmful substances.(more...)






cip_filter_04      4. CIP ("Cleaning In Place")

      Circular bag filters specifically made with hygienic applications in mind for dry

     filtration of waster air, e.g. from  spray-drying plants, in the manufacture of powder

     products. (more...)








cartridge       5. CARTRIDGE FILTER TYPE P

       Cartridge Filters TYPE P are compact but provide large filter areas. They are ideally

      used in application with high air volumes and small overall available filter area and

      height. (more...)



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